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Executive Report

The dialogue and engagement process Youth7 Germany 2022 was coordinated by IJAB – International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany, as mandated by the German Federal Government.

IJAB implements projects on youth policy-related issues together with its international partners and promotes the exchange of expertise within the child and youth services community, bringing together stakeholders from Germany and abroad. Previously, IJAB coordinated the Youth7 Summit 2015 and the Youth20 Summit 2017.

A youth-led process, Youth7 was chaired and hosted by volunteers selected and seconded by the German National Committee for International Youth Work (DNK), a coordinating body for European and international youth work by the German Federal Youth Council, German Sports Youth and Ring politischer Jugend. Co-Chairs and Track Sherpa contributed their valuable experience in youth participation and guided Delegates in developing, negotiating and advocating their own policy recommendations.

Youth7 Germany 2022 was funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) and received further support by Germany’s Federal Office of Family Affairs and Civil Society Functions (BAFzA) in organisational matters.

* Keine MWST: IJAB ist eine Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts. Gemäß § 4 Nr. 12 und Nr. 21 bis 25 UStG handelt es sich um umsatzsteuerfreie Umsätze.