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Yes, let’s do this! – But how? Interactive illustrated story

hands-on instructions for planning, preparing, implementing and following up an inclusive international activity

“Yes, let’s do this! – But how?” is an illustrated story written to encourage and help all interested organisations, initiatives and experts to organise their own inclusive international projects – activities that offer all participants a space to interact with others, learn new things together and experience how easy it can be to live and learn together. International youth work is all about activities that allow young people and experts to learn together, with educational support, in an international setting. Typical activities include youth exchanges, workcamps, volunteering projects or exchanges for experts that centre around a wide variety of themes that are relevant to young people today.

This storyboard provides a set of hands-on instructions for planning, preparing, implementing and following up an inclusive international activity. The story begins with the first steps towards finding partners and themes, guides readers through the preparation process, and offers lots of useful tips and tricks for implementing and following the project. Each scene incorporates plenty of background information. Readers who are new to this field can accompany the protagonists of the story every step of the way as they explore and design an inclusive international youth exchange. But even professionals will appreciate the odd helpful piece of information. The titles of each scene provide clear guidance on what information can be found where. 

Of course the story being told here is just an example. It is symbolic of the many different formats and types of inclusive international youth work activities that exist.

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