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LEMOCC: Toolbox for more sustainability in international youth work: Mobility, diet, waste and energy

Learning Mobility in Times of Climate Change

Greater sustainability in international youth work can be achieved in many different ways. Even if, say, a youth exchange focuses on a subject other than sustainable development, with no finger-pointing and just a little effort, it is possible to integrate sustainable action into the everyday aspects of an activity or project. Reducing energy consumption, sorting waste, a climate-sensitive diet – in most cases team leaders and organisers will not find it difficult to design a programme that is environmentally sensitive. But what if not all participants are excited about vegetarian, climate-sensitive food? Or if they are happy to sort their waste, but forget their good intentions on day 2 and go back to mixing paper and plastic?

This toolbox is a collection of brief workshop-style activities that invite participants to spend up to 30 minutes considering the connection between climate change and mobility, food, waste and energy. Each activity provides background information on the subject in question, responds to the lifeworlds of young people and helps them develop an awareness of sustainable action in a playful manner. This way, participants are encouraged to be more accepting of the rules that the group sets itself.

All activities are designed such that they can be prepared quickly without requiring a lot of materials. The background information is detailed enough so the organisers don’t have to do any research before they run the activity. Some of the sources quoted in the footnotes are in German, since this made it easier for us to verify that the information provided was reliable. However, we are certain that you will be able to find similar sources in your respective regions or languages. The publication also contains templates for cards that can be used for the activities described here. This toolbox was developed as part of the IJAB-project "Learning Mobility in Times of Climate Change".

Enjoy experimenting with the toolbox!

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