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How to set up an inclusive international youth project

Training modules

The training modules “How to set up an inclusive international youth project” support organisations in the field of international youth work, experts, youth workers, volunteers as well as team leaders in making their international youth projects more inclusive.
They are also suitable for youth workers or facilitators who have already gained experience in the field of inclusion and are looking for new impulses and indepth information.

The training modules consist of this manual and numerous supplementary online materials such as factsheets, activities, checklists, videos, and specialist texts (which are linked at the appropriate point). This interaction enables both individual, self-directed learning and the implementation of workshops for youth workers or team members.

The content is divided into six modules with different focal points:

  1. It’s normal to be different: Diversity and Inclusion as an opportunity for everyone
  2. Steps towards an Inclusive culture
  3. Steps towards Inclusive structures and practices
  4. Communicating in a variety of ways
  5. Creating an Inclusive learning space - Adapting methods and habits
  6. Appreciating diversity - Recognising limits - Getting support

This manual contains a description of the didactic process as well as basic information on each of these focal points.

The training modules have been developed within the IJAB project VISION:INCLUSiON. Impaired young people are still less often reached by the offers of international youth work or cannot use them due to existing access barriers. The aim of VISION:INCLUSiON was to move forward on the path towards fully inclusive international youth projects.

The manual is also available in German and in German plain language.

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