Youth Work Translator

This glossary of terms relating to international youth work and child and youth services has been designed for practitioners and interested parties alike as a tool to aid users in communicating with their international partners. A number of entries are accompanied by explanations that help to understand the terms themselves, which can be specific to a given country, especially Germany. In addition, example sentences are provided to demonstrate how the terms are used in a given setting. The explanations have been written with the context of child and youth services/international youth and expert exchanges in mind. They are intended to assist users in understanding what the terms signify; however, they do not claim to be in-depth definitions in the scientific sense.

The majority of entries are assigned to thematic categories. Should you wish to display all terms in a given category, click on the icon signifying that category to display only those terms. A list of all terms in one category can be downloaded in PDF format.

We consider Youth Work Translator a living tool that is under constant development, so we invite its users to use the feedback function to suggest additional entries as well as alternative translations or explanations. The glossary team will examine any suggestions that reach us and where appropriate, will update the glossary at regular intervals.