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Internationalisation of youth services

As globalisation progresses, developing a more international outlook is becoming ever more important for institutions and organisations, with many private-sector companies as well as educational providers already having embarked on this journey. Internationalisation is no less relevant for the child and youth services field. The entire community, including its staff and structures, has to adapt to the growing importance of cross-border learning. Adopting a European and international outlook in child and youth services requires organisations to be open to the idea. They must be made aware of the value of international exchanges, and a European and international dialogue mainstreamed throughout the organisations as a whole. In practical terms, this crucially requires that organisations give their regulations, their modus operandi and their activities an international and intercultural dimension, and that they work with international partners and form international networks.


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Current articles

IJAB reports at regular intervals on its projects and collaborations in which the internationalisation of youth services plays a role. Corresponding results and developments from international youth work and youth policy are covered.

Publications on internationalisation of youth services