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International youth work publication series

Forum Jugendarbeit International

Forum Jugendarbeit International, an IJAB publication series, reports on priority themes, outcomes of projects and debates, concepts, and experiences drawn from the international youth work and youth policy community. This series has covered themes relating to international youth exchanges and youth policy cooperation between practitioners, experts, multipliers and researchers from Germany and abroad since 1996. It is aimed at a broad audience of interested individuals, but particularly at those who work in international youth policy cooperation.

The series is designed to highlight international youth work’s extensive range of formats and concepts before a broader specialist audience, make its benefits visible and give exposure to innovative projects. As such, Forum Jugendarbeit International makes a valuable contribution towards improving the quality of work across the entire community and promotes the exchange of good practices.

Overview of recent issues:
Forum Jugendarbeit International 2016-2018
Forum Jugendarbeit International 2013-2015
Forum Jugendarbeit International 2011-2012

13 issues have been published since the series’ inception in 1996. Many essays from previous issues can also be viewed and downloaded individually via our online bookshop.

Contact person
Susanne Klinzing
Research Officer
Tel.: +49 (0)228 9506-113