Kinder und Erwachsene richten ihren Blick auf etwas vor ihnen Kinder und Erwachsene richten ihren Blick auf etwas vor ihnen
Information System

Child and Youth Services in Germany

The online platform 'Infosystem Kinder- und Jugendhilfe in Deutschland' explains the system of child and youth services in Germany in an easily accessible and commented form. The version available at is currently being revised. In the fall of 2021, the re-launch of the online platform is planned, including options for downloading the content both as a PowerPoint presentation and as a PDF file. Multilingualism of the platform is planned, starting with an English version of the content.

The online platform is to be understood as an instrument for use both in the national context and in the international exchange of experts in youth services, youth work and youth policy and should therefore be available in different language versions in the long term.

The information system is aimed at multipliers and experts in child and youth services policy, scientists and other interested parties in youth policy who are active in national and international professional dialogue. It provides a scientifically based information and working tool.

The German child and youth services system is presented in three thematic areas:

In particular, the results of the reform process of the Eighth Social Code are also depicted.

2020 marked the start of a complete redesign of the content, graphics and technology of the information system. Its content was revised in collaboration with selected scientists and experts.

Stay tuned!

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Stephanie Bindzus
Head of Public Relations
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Susanne Klinzing
Research Officer
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