Partner countries

Strong partnerships worldwide

IJAB maintains long-standing, reliable and equitable relations with a large number of partners around the globe. International youth policy cooperation makes a vital contribution towards shaping policy together, exchanging information with other countries, and learning from each other. A major prerequisite for this is the existence of stable partnerships with the countries in question. Working on behalf of the Federal Youth Ministry, IJAB has implemented the youth policy agreements between the Federal Republic of Germany and its partner countries since its foundation in 1967. In the context of Germany’s bi- and multilateral youth policy relations, IJAB implements exchanges and programmes for child and youth services experts as well as for policymakers in this area. IJAB is also a member of various international networks in the youth field.

Menschen sitzen an einem Tisch und essen.

IJAB cooperates with the All-Chinese Youth Association, the country’s central youth policy stakeholder, to implement expert programmes on behalf of Germany’s Federal Youth Ministry.

Vier junge Frauen schauen in die Kamera.

Under a partnership characterised by strong continuity, IJAB has been implementing expert exchange schemes with Japan for half a century.

Vier Menschen sprechen miteinander.

IJAB implements expert programmes and match-making seminars with Turkey. We also offer information and advice to organisations planning to engage in exchanges with Turkey.

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North Africa

IJAB brings together organisations in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco. We provide information and advice to organisations planning to engage in expert and youth exchanges with North Africa.

Nahaufnahme der US-amerikanischen Flagge

IJAB supports the strengthening of activities in the field of youth and professional exchange with the USA. Since January 2022, the Council of International Programs (CIP) and the German-American Internship Program (DAP) are also located with IJAB.

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International networks and cooperations

Cooperation inside networks offers an ideal space for innovation, professional debate, conceptual discussions and the (continued) development of youth work and youth policy.