Eine Frau spricht in ein Mikrofon auf einer Bühne, fünf weitere Menschen hören ihr zu. Eine Frau spricht in ein Mikrofon auf einer Bühne, fünf weitere Menschen hören ihr zu.
Partner countries

Cooperation with North Africa

Thanks to the Transformation Partnerships programme of Germany's Federal Foreign Office, the dialogue with a number of countries in North Africa has received a fresh impetus since the Arab Spring. Starting in 2011, IJAB has brought together organisations working in the youth field in Germany, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt and offered them a platform for cooperation.

The conference "Dialogue Me To Network" in 2017 in Tunis showed that the organisations in question wish to build on this dialogue. National conferences took place in 2018 in all four countries in question in order to put local stakeholders, too, in touch with one another. The most recent conference, which took place from 22 to 25 November 2019 in Casablanca and was entitled "Act to Change!", drew over 80 youth work experts from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Germany.

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Eine Gruppe von Menschen schaut in die Kamera.
Current articles on North Africa

IJAB reports regularly on its activities to promote youth and expert exchanges with North Africa. Check this section for announcements of network meetings and events for experts.

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