Nahaufnahme der US-amerikanischen Flagge Nahaufnahme der US-amerikanischen Flagge
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With the new Länderbereich USA, IJAB is working on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs to pave the way for an intensification of transatlantic youth and professional exchanges.

The initial focus is on providing information on youth policy and youth work in the USA (Youth in the USA) and on the practices of transatlantic youth and professional exchanges (USA Special). The information offered is supplemented by an online English language course tailored to international youth work. Since January 2022, IJAB has also been responsible for the implementation of two programs that enable professionals in child and youth welfare as well as students and young graduates to go to the USA for further training or an internship.

USA Special

With the "USA-Special", the first IJAB publication with a German-US-American focus was published this spring, presenting and highlighting existing partnerships, successful projects and topics in transatlantic exchange. The USA Special includes 13 articles from the areas of German-US-American cooperation, political education, youth in the USA, city partnerships, work camps and student exchanges. In addition to experts, young people from both sides of the Atlantic also have their say, clearly demonstrating that a transatlantic exchange is worthwhile for everyone involved.

Youth in the USA: Framework for Growing Up in the United States

In the publication "Youth in the USA", interested parties will find not only information on the country, but also insights into the structures of child and youth welfare and youth policy in the USA, as well as information on the situation of children and young people in the country. The aim is to make it easier for professionals to enter into or continue transatlantic partnerships and projects in the youth field. We hope to give them a first orientation in a system that differs in many ways from the one in Germany.

You can browse the PDF version of the expertise directly online here or download it in PDF format.

Publications on the US
Einblicke in die Strukturen der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe und das Aufwachsen von Jugendlichen in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika
Länderinformationen USA
Framework for Growing Up in the United States
Youth in the USA
Eine blonde Frau macht beim Women’s March 2018 ein Foto von der US-Flagge
Articles on U.S.-German Cooperation

Editorial articles, information and announcements on youth exchange, professional exchange and the advanced training program and internship program with the USA.

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