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Youth in the USA

Framework for Growing Up in the United States

The United States have an effect on our everyday lives like hardly any other country, whether it is through political debates, global tech trends, or just a new blockbuster that is hitting the big screen. There is ongoing interest in the country, especially amongst German youth. For students, the USA remain one of the most popular destinations for long-term exchanges. Therefore, learning and understanding this nation is imperative.

On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, IJAB has been working to intensify U.S.-German-cooperation since 2021. We want to give youth service professionals and youth the opportunity to learn more about the framework and system that young U.S.-Americans grow up in.

The following script provides an insight into the field of youth policy and youth work in a system that can be difficult to navigate due to the size of the country, its federal structure, and its diversity. Readers will learn why the philanthropic sector is so important in the U.S., understand the importance of educational institutions in youth work, and learn how structural racism continues to affect the social mobility of children and youth today. It might even help those active in transatlantic exchange to better understand U.S.-American partners or to lookfor new partners in the right place.

The information and insights presented here were written by a U.S.-citizen and edited by IJAB. They offer a mere glimpse into youth policy and youth work in the U.S. and we are happy to receive comments and suggestions.

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