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Recognition of international youth work

Greater visibility and recognition for international youth work as a place of learning is hence an important youth and educational policy objective, one that is also pursued by IJAB

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Democracy and human rights

IJAB understands international youth work and youth policy cooperation as contributors towards a strong civil society, a democratic polity, and greater social justice.

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Digital youth education

The internet has become a cultural and communication space in its own right. Digital youth education helps young people to navigate this space responsibly and to use it for social and political participation.

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Flucht und Migration

Die Themen Flucht, Migration und Teilhabe von Geflüchteten spiegeln sich in zahlreichen Diskursen wider und haben auch Auswirkung auf die Internationale Jugendarbeit.

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Inclusion and diversity

Many providers are already offering inclusive activities. However, there is still much need for improvement since in practice, young people with disabilities in particular still face major challenges and uncertainties.

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Internationalisation of youth services

The entire community of child and youth services, including its staff and structures, has to adapt to the growing importance of cross-border learning.

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Youth participation

Young people should be able to voice their opinions and help shape political and social decisions that affect their lives.

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Youth information

One priority field for IJAB through projects such as Eurodesk and networks such as ERYICA is information on stays abroad.

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Youth policy

(International) youth policy by its very nature is a core issue for IJAB. IJAB hence observes youth policy developments across Europe and around the world


The climate debate and the related question of sustainable mobility during exchanges and programmes is also a concern for IJAB.

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Access to international youth work

Young people who want to participate in an international exchange still face too many obstacles. These must be eliminated.