Our projects

Recognition of international youth work

The week-long campaign #internationalheart, run by IJAB together with many other partners, aims to promote the recognition of international youth work.

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International youth work: Facts and figures
International youth work data report

IJAB is working to produce a quantitative and qualitative overview of activities in the international youth work field.

Advice on stays abroad

Eurodesk is a European information network with coordination offices in 36 countries and more than 1,000 local service units. Eurodesk Germany works with around 50 local partners across the country.

Youth policy, research and practice
European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy

EKCYP is a youth project run jointly by the European Commission and the Council of Europe.

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Fachkräfteinitiative International

The project aims to assist experts and organisations in the field of child and youth services that plan to strengthen their intercultural and international expertise.

Give-aways des Fachkräfteportals
Information, networking, dialogue
Portal for child and youth services experts

Fachkräfteportal (Portal for child and youth services experts), a joint project, is an information, cooperation and communication platform for experts working in child and youth services.

Internationale Jugendarbeit.digital

How can digital and hybrid formats be integrated into the range of methods used in international youth work in such a way that any insights gained can be scaled up?

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Popularising youth exchanges
Youth campaign BRAVEL

2020 will see the launch of a national campaign to promote international youth exchanges.

Young people design youth-appropriate consumer information

What could modern, youth-appropriate consumer information look like? The Jugend-Verbraucher-Dialog project seeks to answer this question by inviting young people to develop new communication channels for consumer information.

Smart social policy

How can politicians be made aware of young people’s concerns? What about a software that could flag up hidden issues? Where does AI make sense, and where are the dangers? The Jugendverstärker project focuses on these questions.

Strengthening international youth work locally
Kommune goes International

The network Kommune goes International (KGI) assists local authorities that plan to introduce or strengthen international youth work activities at the local level.

Ein Kind baut mit Legosteinen ein Raumschiff
Training programme for newcomers to international youth work
The Learning by Doing programme

Since February 2020, IJAB has been training child and youth welfare professionals in theory and practice for international youth work in the Learning by Doing programme.

Environmental compatibility and sustainability
Learning Mobility in Times of Climate Change

How can International Youth Work be made more sustainable and environmentally friendly?

Eine Gruppe von Menschen steht in einem Raum und diskutiert.
Greater mobility for experts
Round Table for expert training

The Round Table aims to encourage more mobility among experts and to professionalise the youth work community in Germany and across Europe.

Eine Frau spricht mit einem Mann in einem Rollstuhl.
Inclusion strategy for international youth work

How can international youth work activities be structured in such a way that young people with an impairment or disability can enjoy full access?

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Information on youth policy and youth work in Europe
Youth Wiki

The youthwiki.eu platform offers detailed information on the structures, policies and measures that exist to support young people.