Mehrere junge Menschen sitzen an einem Tisch und arbeiten an Laptops. Mehrere junge Menschen sitzen an einem Tisch und arbeiten an Laptops.

Digital youth education

The internet has become a cultural and communication space in its own right. Digital youth education helps young people to navigate this space responsibly and to use it for social and political participation. The current challenge in digital youth education is to empower young people to make full use of these new opportunities while learning how to minimise any negative exposure. Youth participation is a closely related topic in this context. The internet offers young people ample opportunities for social and political participation, so it is vital that participation concepts be developed in order to promote democracy. Encouraging greater media literacy and promoting digital youth participation schemes contribute towards strengthening democracy, and help to create greater cohesion at the national, European and international level.

Jemand gibt etwas in ein Smartphone ein.
Current articles

IJAB reports at regular intervals on its projects and collaborations in which digital youth education plays a role. Corresponding results and developments from international youth work and youth policy are covered.

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