Eine junge Frau hebt die Hand. Eine junge Frau hebt die Hand.

Youth policy

(International) youth policy by its very nature is a core issue for IJAB. Through its monitoring tools IJAB hence observes youth policy developments across Europe and around the world and communicates interesting developments to an interested audience.

International youth policy cooperation incorporates Germany’s bi- and multilateral dialogue on youth policy-related subjects with a variety of countries in Europe and worldwide, as well as youth policy cooperation within the European Union. This makes a vital contribution towards shaping policy together and exchanging information with other countries, while helping stakeholders to learn from each other. In the context of Germany’s bi- and multilateral youth policy relations, IJAB implements exchanges and programmes for child and youth services experts that deal with youth policy issues.

Eine Gruppe junger Menschen schaut zu.
Current articles

IJAB regularly reports on its projects and cooperations in which youth policy plays an important role as well as on relevant youth policy developments.