Eine Frau Berät einen jungen Mann an einem Messestand Eine Frau Berät einen jungen Mann an einem Messestand

Youth information

“Youth information” denotes the process of sorting through the wealth of available information to identify what is relevant, and to help young people access information provided by their peers. Youth information is part of the youth services field and serves to meet young people’s need for information and advice, the legal basis for which is sections 1, 3, 5, 9, 11 and 14 of Book 8 of Germany’s Social Code (source: Institut für Jugendarbeit Gauting). The subject areas covered here include the transition from school to employment, for instance, and civic education. One priority field for IJAB through projects such as Eurodesk and networks such as ERYICA is information on stays abroad – in other words, information on funding for experts and advice for young people on the many opportunities to spend a period in a foreign country.

Eine Gruppe von Menschen posiert für ein Gruppenbild.
Current articles

IJAB regularly reports on its projects and cooperations in which youth information plays a role. Corresponding results and developments from international youth work and youth policy are presented.