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Do it Yourself in Digital International Youthwork

DIY² stands for Do-It-Yourself in Digital International Youth Work. In March 2021, IJAB launched DIY² Lab, an online format for youth work professionals who are interested in experimenting with digital international youth work methods. DIY² Lab offers practitioners a low-threshold, online and participatory opportunity to test digital tools and methods, to experiment collaboratively and to discuss both practical and fundamental issues relating to digital international youth work. At each DIY² Lab session, an expert is invited to deliver a keynote speech and introduce practical experimentation methods, in this way stimulating dialogue.

The DIY² Lab currently takes place four times a year on Thursdays from 2.00 to 3.30 pm, with sessions held alternately in German and English. The next DIY² Labs are scheduled to take place on 26 September 2024 and 12 December 2024.

DIY² Lab documentation

Youth work professionals can read about the many different methods, approaches, tools and discussion outcomes in the DIY² Lab documentation.

DIY²-Lab Documentations in German (more in order service)
DIY² Labor – Dokumentation
Let’s cook
DIY² Labor – Dokumentation
Irgendwas mit Social Media?!
DIY² Labor – Dokumentation
Bewegung und Tanz im digitalen Raum
DIY²-Lab Documentations in English (more in order service):
Engage and Connect

If you need input for an upcoming conference on digital transformation or would like to receive regular updates – such as when the next DIY² Lab is taking place – feel free to contact us. Send an email to digital(at)

If you would like to contribute ideas, host a DIY² Lab on a specific issue, introduce a project or suggest another topic, use the DIY² Lab Participation Form.

We are the moderators of the Facebook Group DIY² Net to promote the formation of international networks. Sign up to the FB group and join the debate!

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