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At home around the world

How are things in the UK?

Episode 5 of the livestream series

How are the international partners in the youth and specialist exchange doing? What are the effects of the corona crisis in their countries? With the video livestream "At Home Around The World" IJAB pursues these questions. On Tuesday 7 July, Eva de Luis and Sarah Young were guests from the United Kingdom.

06.07.2020 / Christian Herrmann

On July 7th we spoke live on "At Home Around The World" with Eva de Luis from Eurodesk UK and Sarah Young from Momentum World in the UK. They talked about international youth work and youth information in the Corona crisis. But we also wanted to know: How are young people in Great Britain doing in times of Corona?

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The livestream was broadcasted on Facebook: There, viewers have the opportunity to get actively involved and ask questions and comment. If you missed the livestream, you can watch it on the IJAB YouTube channel or on the IJAB website. There are also all other episodes of "At Home Around The World".


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About the live stream series

How are the international partners in youth and professional exchange doing? What impact is the corona crisis having in their countries? With the new video livestream series "At home around the world" IJAB pursues these questions.

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