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Existing online tools do not provide valid translations

IJAB’s Youth Work Translator, a glossary containing over 1,000 terms from child and youth services and international youth work, is now online. Experts can use it to research terms in German, Greek, English and Chinese.

11.01.2018 / Bettina Wissing

International exchanges for experts and young people always involve a language barrier. When it comes to technical terms, in particular, participants’ school knowledge of English often doesn’t suffice – and existing online tools do not offer valid translations for specialist vocabulary. This is where the Youth Work Translator comes in. It contains more than a thousand terms from child and youth services and international youth work and was designed as an aid for experts who work with international partners. In addition, explanations have been added for around 140 entries that help users to understand the meaning of terms that are specific to a certain country, especially Germany.

The Youth Work Translator is a living tool that is to be adapted on an ongoing basis, so a feedback option has been added that users can employ to suggest new terms to be included, as well as alternative translations and explanations. The editorial team will collect and review all incoming suggestions and add them to the Youth Work Translator at regular intervals. Further languages will be added to the tool in due course.

As an online tool, the Youth Work Translator is available around the clock for all international activities and be accessed from desktop and mobile devices alike. Go to to explore the tool.

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