Bunte Linien oder Wellen auf schwarzem Grund Bunte Linien oder Wellen auf schwarzem Grund
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Online group dynamics using the 5 Rhythms

Documentation of the DIY² Lab is available

The DIY² Lab on 9 December was all about group dynamics in the digital space. This is highly relevant since group dynamics do shift and change even when young people cannot physically be in the same location.

04.01.2022 / Cathrin Piesche

Our inspiration was the 5Rhythms movement practice of dancer Gabrielle Roth. Together with our facilitator Alessa Rhode, we explored what is required for the first rhythm, Flowing, and how an atmosphere of trust can be created. The second rhythm, Staccato, teaches how to create clarity and structure. Chaos tells us what is needed to encourage creativity and dialogue. The fourth rhythm, Lyrical, teaches integration, lightness and connection. Finally, Stillness is all about closure and the transition from the virtual space to our offline worlds.

Our facilitator, Alessa Rhode has a background in political science and peace research and is a palliative care volunteer. She is currently training as a grief counsellor. She works in community projects for a school association, assists bereaved families during funerals and is a freelance educator. She spent two years working as an instructor in volunteer exchanges and during this time produced a manual for digital seminars. She specialises in supporting groups and individuals in periods of transition and learning. For more information, visit her homepage at www.wandelzeiten.org.

On Internationale Jugendarbeit.digital

How can digital and hybrid formats be integrated into the range of methods used in international youth work in such a way that any insights gained can be scaled up?

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About digital youth education

The internet has become a cultural and communication space in its own right. Digital youth education helps young people to navigate this space responsibly and to use it for social and political participation.

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