Y7 Germany 2022

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz attends Y7 Youth Summit

Y7 delegates submitted policy recommendations to G7

The young delegates of the Y7 Summit presented their policy recommendations to Germany’s Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz at a meeting in Berlin on May 20, 2022. The Y7 Summit marks the high point of the youth policy dialogue known as Youth7 and forms part of the G7’s dialogue with civil society.

20.05.2022 / Stephanie Bindzus

A platform for the voice of the young generation, it ensures that their policy recommendations and proposed solutions are incorporated into multilateral cooperation under the G7. Young delegates from 11 countries began debating a number of priority themes and drawing up recommendations in March.

All of the decisions taken by the G7 touch upon what kind of a world we will be living in tomorrow. On this, we need to hear the voice of the young generation loud and clear. I am impressed to see the level of commitment displayed during the Youth7 process! Thank you.”

Chancellor Olaf Scholz speaking in advance of the youth summit.

Core recommendations of the Youth7 Communiqué:

Youth7 2022 Communiqué

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IJAB, the International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany coordinates the Y7 Youth Dialogue 2022 in cooperation with the German National Committee for International Youth Work. Co-chairs Carolina Claus and Benjamin Günther are responsible for managing the Youth7 process and are supported in their role by eight volunteer coordinators. The Y7 Youth Dialogue 2022 is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.


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As part of the civil society engagement, Youth7 is the voice of the young generation towards the Group of Seven (G7). Germany welcomes youth delegates to Berlin on 16-20, May 2022 under its Presidency of the G7.

Eine junge Frau spricht in ein Megafon, andere hören ihr zu.
About youth participation

Young people should be able to voice their opinions and help shape political and social decisions that affect their lives.

Christina Arkenberg
Coordinator Y7 Summit
Roman Thieltges
Roman Thieltges
Coordinator Y7 Summit