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Challenge accepted – Europe

Tools, Social Media and Data Protection

Monthly Meeting on Digitisation

What does digitisation mean for young people? What do they know about fake news and social media? What do digital self-defence and digital wellbeing mean? What rights do children and young people have in the digital space? This was discussed at the Monthly Meeting of "Challenge accepted - Europe".

11.05.2022 / Sabine Humpf

On 20 April, the Monthly Meeting on the topic of digitisation took place. The project "Challenge accepted - Europe" has been running since October last year. It is a platform on which young people can deal with various current and socio-political topics in the form of micro-challenges. To prepare and select these challenges and topics, digital workshops with young people from all over Europe and beyond took place in November and December 2021. Feminism, migration, mental health, digitisation, sustainability, youth unemployment and participation have been set as focus topics.

Since January, new challenges have been going online every month. In parallel, local workshops are held at the international partners of the project, as well as digital meetings in English, where young people can exchange and discuss the topics internationally.

The Montly Meeting was introduced by an Ice Breaker, so that the participants from Lithuania, Turkey, Norway and Germany could get to know each other better. With the help of Mentimeter, first associations on the topic were collected and a committed participant prepared an Ice Breaker on the very appropriate topic of passwords in advance, which were then to be guessed by the group.

The meeting then moved from Zoom to Spatial Chat, a digital space where you can move around in the form of your own avatar. There, the young people had the opportunity to discover different topics of digitalisation alone or together. On the topics of digital self-defence and digital wellbeing, the challenges on the platform of "Challenge accepted - Europe" could be used. There was also a game on the topic of social media and fake news, as well as the opportunity to find out about NGOs that educate about digital rights.

At the end, the whole group came together again and exchanged ideas about the different topics, digital tools and insights from them. There was an interesting discussion about how social media influences us and how fast fake news spreads. At the end, everyone created a toolbox in which useful or interesting digital tools are collected and made visible to others. It was an exciting and varied meeting.

The next online meeting will take place on 18 May, this time on the topic of sustainability and activism. Other digital meetings are planned for 15 June and 06 July on youth unemployment and participation. On 22 May there will be a workshop on sustainability in Magdeburg and from 15 to 19 July there will be an international youth forum where the young people will formulate policy recommendations on the issues they have worked on. They will be disseminated not only nationwide but also at European level.

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On Challenge accepted – Europe

Which issues are relevant for young people in Europe? What could a platform look like that enables young people in Europe to exchange views on issues and challenges relevant to young people?

Sabine Humpf
Project Officer
Project Coordinator
Challenge accepted – Europe