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Challenge accepted – Europe

New platform for youth-relevant topics

Live project launch on Instagram

At the Instagram live project launch, IJAB and EJBM/GOEUROPE! will present the project and the platform "Challenge accepted - Europe". In the event, the platform can be tried out and questions can be asked.

09.02.2022 / Sabine Humpf

Together with a group of young people from Europe challenges were created on current and future challenges of their generation for a platform.

Within the framework of the Youth Budget 2021, the idea of developing a platform on which young people in Europe can try out current youth-relevant topics and problems in form of challenges was born. We want to implement the project together with young people. During two meetings young people collected the following ideas for the challenges.



Thursday, February 17, 2022

17:00 - 18:00 h, via Instagram @rausvonzuhaus

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On Challenge accepted – Europe

Which issues are relevant for young people in Europe? What could a platform look like that enables young people in Europe to exchange views on issues and challenges relevant to young people?

Eine junge Frau spricht in ein Megafon, andere hören ihr zu.
About youth participation

Young people should be able to voice their opinions and help shape political and social decisions that affect their lives.

Sabine Humpf
Project Officer
Project Coordinator
Challenge accepted – Europe