Ein Raum mit Stühlen, Tischen und vielen Uhren, auf denen Länderfahnen zu sehen sind Ein Raum mit Stühlen, Tischen und vielen Uhren, auf denen Länderfahnen zu sehen sind
Activities for practitioners

Training, information and network-building

The various activities serve to train experts in digital international youth work and inspire them to impart digital transformation knowledge and provide a space for innovation. In this project, network-building plays a key role.

The project offers a variety of workshops and materials on digital international youth work, which can be tailored to specific needs upon request.

One popular format is our monthly digital DIY² Lab. DIY² stands for “Do-It-Yourself in Digital International Youth Work”. Since March 2021, experts have been using DIY² Lab to experiment with digital tools and methods and discuss both fundamental and practical issues around digital international youth work.

Interested parties can use the online participation form to suggest topics for future DIY² Lab sessions. Several sessions have already taken place inspired by ideas that came from participants – some participants even led the sessions themselves. Since January 2022, the DIY² Lab events have been offered in English and German in alternate months to encourage the formation of international networks.

The methods, feedback and content shared during the sessions are documented, with most summary reports available in both German and English.

To learn more about past sessions and consult the summary reports, see below:

An annual international BarCamp known as the Digital Transformer Days focuses on future digital opportunities for international youth work and learning mobility. This recurring two-day event is an opportunity to discuss good practices and innovations among an international group of practitioners. In the BarCamp sessions, participants can share and discuss experiences with experts and practitioners and work together on new ideas.

Building international networks

The first international BarCamp, the Digital Transformer Days in 2021, marked the launch of an international dialogue on digital transformation in international youth work. IJAB was the initiator of this project, which is designed to bring together interested partners from around the world to discuss current developments, innovative ideas, good practices, and methods and tools suitable for use in digital international youth work in a variety of settings: via the DINA.international platform, the Facebook group DIY² Net, international BarCamps, the international DIY² Lab series, and informal network get-togethers.

Handbooks and publications

A publication on digital international youth work methods is being prepared and will become available in late 2022. It complements the existing series of IJAB handbooks:

Eine Hand zeigt auf Zettel auf einem Arbeitstisch
Digital strategy for international youth work

Creating evidence-based foundations

Current articles on Internationale Jugendarbeit.digital

IJAB reports regularly on Internationale Jugendarbeit.digital and how you can get involved.

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